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Extreme Escape (2) 8-2-2020
1st Official Team Have Fund Day!! Extreme Escape 8-2-2020

Our Core Values are how this team does business. Period! 

Have Fun 

Lets be real. If you can't have fun then you should just give up! 

You must play, joke, and act silly when you can. 

While staying serious about getting the job done is very important to us, so is having fun and finding enjoyment in the work you do.   

It is important to us and Mandatory that all team members have a fun work environment while delivering exceptional service.

If you are not being helpful then you are probably having a hard time at life.

You must value and respect your employees, coworkers, and clients as family  

You must strive to encourage others, in such a way as to challenge yourselves and others to be their best selves.  

You must recognize that each day is not the same as the last and are humble when lending or receiving a helping hand.

Help Each Other


A lot of people are always talking. Few communicate. 

Through active, open and honest communication, you must allow space for ideas!  Communication is, everyone involved in the conversation listens, and also feels heard.  In doing so, you can build meaningful and sustainable relationships with your team and your clients.

This really ties all the others together. You will do very little in your life if you do not accept that you cause the results in your life!

You take pride in the life you lead and take initiative to make things better.

You must hold yourself accountable and deliver on the commitments you make. 

You understand that mistakes are going to happen. You learn from mistakes, and strive for continuous improvement.  

If you skip an opportunity to live up to this value you make it right no matter what!


Or as the Head Janitor would say


The New Old Fashioned Service is what we call the way we think things ought to be done! The way we make decisions comes from our core values and nowhere else.



 The New Old Fashioned Service.

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